Where Deep Thinking and Action Meet

I work with families to help them understand the laws influencing decisions they need to make and plan for their future, with the intention and goal that they flourish. Together, we plan for their roles and responsibilities as members of a family, in relation to each other as shareholders and directors of companies and partners in financial investments, and with respect to their interests in philanthropic and social enterprise concerns. My work often involves families with members living in, and businesses and investments subject to the laws of several different jurisdictions, spanning civil and common law societies.

I work to provide families with sufficient information to develop a wider perspective, a greater sense of freedom, and more creative energy to plan for their future.  Decision-making requires consciousness and intentionality. Einstein famously wrote:  “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.  We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.” He argued that our survival depends on freeing ourselves from the “optical delusion” of separateness and “widening our circle of compassion”.  Following this vein of thinking, I believe that legal counseling is more effective when it is infused with heartfelt presence and deep listening.

Engaging in meaningful dialogue opens fresh possibilities for new ways of thinking and heightened energy. It enables a person to access and communicate his or her own values. This creates the space for richer reasoning, heightened awareness, and discernment. People can be freer to hear and comprehend issues in a way that moves beyond mere cause and effect. This leads to value-based, effective decisions and action.