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I hope the information on these pages helps you to understand my work with families.  From time-to-time, I plan to address new ideas in my writings and speeches. I'll also provide links to articles written by friends with whom I collaborate and the community of people journeying to help their families and society prosper.

Ed Granski
October 2016


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All photographs were taken in New York’s Hudson River Valley, an ancient place alive with vibrant communities of sustainable farmers, artists, artisans and educators.  My  family, in the widest and deepest sense of the word, with all of its beauty, faults and wisdom, provides me with immense joy in this journey. My creative, entrepreneurial, and heartfelt friends who live in the valley and in communities throughout the world inspire the work that calls me.

I appreciate and thank Carla Rozman for her artistic and discerning eye in helping to bring my ideas to light on these pages.