Edmund Granksi Counselor-at-Law Helping Meaningful Planning


Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote “There is an art to facing difficulties in ways that lead to effective solutions and to inner peace and harmony”. As a counselor, I have the opportunity and privilege of looking at fundamental concerns affecting people, their families, and society. I study the patterns in which current and developing laws interweave with societal and political reality.  My work requires a high degree of interaction, awareness, compassion and trust.  I strive to understand a person’s values, dreams and desired goals in order to help place their legal issues and planning in an appropriately personal and intimate context. 

It’s important to listen with curiosity and acceptance in order to understand a person’s own values and wisdom. This helps create pathways to a more meaningful decision-making process in planning for a person’s family, business, and social enterprise and philanthropic endeavors. I believe that this allows a person to live a freer and fuller life and furthers, in some way, the positive transformation of the greater society in which we live.